With a population of over 220,000 inhabitants, Thatta is historically an important area of Sindh. It has served as a centre of literature, religious ideologies and socio-political epochs. From the times immemorial and the times when Alexander the Great invaded Sindh, the history of this town has witnessed the advent of the Muslims under the command of Mohammad Bin Qasim, who reached the area through the ports of the times, which now form parts of several huge creeks in the region between the river touching Thatta and falling into the sea forming a delta.

Thatta is replete with a good history of the region appertaining to its geo-political status. Aside from it, it has several monuments to show the world of its historicity. For instance, Makli, which is located at a few kilometers from the centre of this town, is a colossal archaeological site in Pakistan covering over 15 square kilometers. Makli is one of the largest necropolises in the world. Apart from Makli there is one of the important mosques built in the time of Shah Jahan—the great Mughal ruler of India—who built the same in 1647-49 and lined it with glazed tiles. The edifice of the monument has 101 domes and is designed in such a way that Imam’s (the person who leads during prayers in a mosque) voice can reach every corner of the building without help of any loudspeaker or other device. Besides, there are several places known to us that define the importance of the history of this town. Nonetheless, being situated between two big cities, Karachi and Hyderabad, and being the coastal district, and especially when the proposed city of Zulfikarabad is envisioned to be established at its coastal boundaries, the town signifies its potentiality.

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